What It’s Like to Wear A Penis Extender All-Day

Written by Charlie Carlson

What I, Charlie, experienced wearing a penis extender all day.

This blog article is going to describe exactly what my experience was like wearing a penis extender device all day.

There are going to be certain things revealed that you probably never thought of or expected.

Hope it really reveals exactly what it’s like to wear it! — Charlie

My Morning Routine: Brushing my Teeth, Putting on My Pants and Penis Extender


Woke up brushed my personal teeth and took a fast shower.

Packed my gear after which I put on my penis extender

Today I did a downward stretch – that is, I had my penis pointing downwards and daily pushed my testicles to the left while my personal penis extended to the right of my testicle.

Everything was stable and so I put my underwear and then my jeans right back on and then I headed out.

We covered the belt around my remaining part and had it appear back under between my thighs in order that it would pull my penis downwards.

En: Transit to Work: What that was like…

I usually prefer to visit the gym in the first mornings, so it was about 6am when I left the house.

Fortunately for me personally, I live right next to my bus end, so I did not have to wait very long and I also hopped close to the bus.

The penis extender had been still fixed on actually though I walked a short range, so that has been good.

As I sat down, I anticipated that something might affect the penis extender, but nothing bad happened.

When I got on the bus, I paid the fare and then stepped towards the back of the bus.

And then it took off! It was still on!

Though it shifted just a little, it was still in the stable lengthy position that I originally put it in.

As the bus approached, here’s what happened next

The bus was approaching my stop and we was getting prepared to obtain off the bus.

I ended up being expecting the penis extender to slip off because the change in position from sitting to standing might create it slip.

So What exactly what occurred?

I don’t mean to be anti-climatic, but…

…nothing – I basically stood up with the penis extender still in place.

It’s always a little tricky with all the coach situation because you desire attain off as soon as possible since you wouldn’t desire to hold everyone up.

Combine this rush with the very fact that you’re using a penis extender and it makes it seem only a little challenging.

Regardless so far so good with wearing this penis extender!

What it was like at my public gym:

Little people on the two block stroll to my local LA Fitness – all things considered, it was fairly early within the morning.

I walked passed some people on the sidewalk but they didn’t notice the penis extender at all.

This pretty much gave me confidence that I could put on this thing anywhere.

And I can assure you that they were not distracted or anything because they weren’t staring at their phone, but alternatively, looking directly ahead.

We walked to the leading desk regarding the gym, swiped my private membership card, and headed to the locker room.

We took it off so that I could have a “less complicated” workout.

It didn’t take much effort on my part to just go into an empty stall and remove it!

I took a drip since I was there, then stored the penis extender within my personal pocket. There was no bulge in my pocket because it was actually super little.

Cool huh? Didn’t expect that, did you!

Yes, We’m not kidding. The reason why it practically took me almost no time to go on it off is really because all I needed doing was unhook the clasp.

The nice component can it be does not hit a floor because the foam band looped around the base of my penis kept it from undertaking so.

The Next Challenge, Wearing the Penis Extender at Work.

It was not very hard.

When I showered, I reversed the process to put the cock extender back on (bathroom stall, put on device, then had gotten clothed).

Took myself about 20 seconds to put it on.

Leaving the gym I walked the rest of the way to work – it was only 3 blocks.

Using the penis extender at the office was fairly uneventful.

I’m sure you expected a big diaster!

I view that as a completely good thing – i did n’t need any breakdown to happen at all!

People passed by my desk, no response, but the ocassional “hey, how’s it going”.

Little did they know that I was wearing this contraption under my pants!

So the day went by, as I said, uneventful, had gotten everything we needed to carry out done.

Checking myself in the toilet mirror a few times i did not see any bulge that might raise any suspicions.

Seated at the desk was comfortable, walking around was additionally comfortable and easy.

Homefree! How I wrapped up my day.

Because you simply wear a penis extender for 4-6 hours each day, I took it off around 2pm in the middle of work.

Again, it absolutely was not that hard – simply went to the restroom stall took it off in less than 10 seconds and stuffed it in my wallet.

Can you believe how small it was?

The bulge due to it’s size was no bigger than my cell phone.

Whenever I got in to my desk, I stuffed it in my suitcase.

Remaining portion of the work day went usually. Whether wearing the penis extender or not wearing it – the time essentially went the same.

At around 4:30 pm, I left work and caught the shuttle back in my destination and pretty much relaxed and wound down for the day.

So that’s my experience thanks to PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence! Hope it was revealing and will persuade you to buy one of your own!