Charlie’s PhalloSan Review – Before and After Results

PhalloSan Review – Before and After Results

What’s up guys, Charlie here again bringing you another popular penis extender review!

Welcome to my PhalloSan review.

If you’ve looked around you’ve bably noticed a lot of poorly written reviews, uninformative videos, or generally just bad explanations on the PhalloSan extender system.

And due to that I have created this PhalloSan review to go over my experiences and results with this extender.

Let’s get this show on the road!

Where is it from? Who makes it? What is it?

The PhalloSan is a German made penis extender device. It is definitely not as popular as some other extenders out there — at least in North America — however, as you will soon find out it is in my opinion — as well as that of many others — one of the best.

One thing worth mentioning right off the bat about the PhalloSan is that so many people love this device. I mean, I hear good and bad stuff about every extender, but during my own research it seemed that almost everyone who bought this device ended up loving it. Maybe its because its “German made” — which is usually known to be something of high quality or great engineering.

Those dang Germans!

The PhalloSan is primarily responsible for giving you length gains, however, some girth is also attainable due to the penis growing somewhat like a balloon — as in when something gets longer it may also get a little thicker as well. But again, its an extender with the primary purpose being to increases flaccid and erect length.

Even still, the PhalloSan is on par with the best on the market in terms of raw length gains, however, where it truly excels above the rest is in comfort, features, and diversity.
Unlike popular extenders like the SizeGenetics, X4 or Phallosan; this device is the only extender I’ve seen that is a combination of the best of all three of those extenders put together.

The system is probably a copy of the PhalloGauge penis extender.

You’ll get more examples of this in the next section, but if you’re on the fence of whether you want a belt or rod system — just know that this is both.

The complete PhalloSan system comes with a belt-tension system that you would find on a typical measuring machine like a scale.

How does this “contraption” work?

Great question.

The device increases the length of your penis through longed outward tension on your penis.

Alternatively, besides the ball pump there is also a hose you can attach to the glans chamber instead and you use your mouth to suck in air to create the vaccuum.

You start by squeezing the ball pump and attaching it to the glans chamber. This preps the chamber to create a little vaccuum of suction within the chamber.

Personally, I prefer the hose because I can suck in more pressure than with the ball pump.

What’s great about the glans chamber is that unlike the typical extender it does not cut off the circulation to your penis head that is common with a hard noose or strap that you’ll find with 90% of the extenders out there. It also prevents slippage and discomfort from occuring as well as there isn’t a harsh noose or strap exerting all the pulling force on a small area.

I know that after using the glans chamber there are many people who will never go back to a harsh noose or strap again.

The glans chamber may be a problem for some guys as I will explain later in this review.

Following that you put/suck the tip of your penis into the glans chamber so it is now snugly secure inside.

For the classic-extender rods — you attach the end of the glans chamber onto the end of the extender and use the rods to exert force on your penis — like most extenders out there, except you get to use the comfortable glans chamber rather than a strap/noose

Either of these ways works great and you have the option of choosing whichever one you prefer. My personal preference is towards the extender-rod system because I just like the stretch and feel of it more.

For the belt — one end attaches to the end of the glans chamber and the other can be swung around your shoulder, waist, or lower thigh to exert the pulling force on your penis.

That’s pretty much it for setup. And over time the longed tension is going to permanently increase the length of your penis by causing small micro-tears via the stretching forces. Your body will lay down new collagen and the penis will grow larger than before.

Cool huh?

Is there any proof that this penis extender works?

Here’s the thing that most guys don’t understand: Pretty much any penis extender will vide length assuming that the device is made perly to constantly exert longed tension.

So no particular penis extender has a significant advantage over the other in terms of results.

Extenders tend to also work much better for gains because of the convenience factor and precision. If you are manually stretching its very easy to either give too much or too little tension — and lets face it you can manually stretch for 1-12hrs per day.

A bodypart subjected to such forces is going to stretch, tear, rebuild, stretch, tear, rebuild, and start to slowly but surely make permanent increases in size. What is most important is whether it is comfortable enough for you to actually wear it long enough for it to work.

Lots of ’em on the market. How can I choose properly?

There are a lot of people who will tell you that the PhalloSan is one fo the most average penis extenders on the market today — and though I have not owned every extender — based on my experience and research — I am inclined to agree with them.

There’s nothing particularly special about this device.

The parts are plain and it doesn’t even provide that good of a pull.

Even the guys at PEGym would agree with me.

The truth is that extenders like that have done a much better job at marketing their duct — but that doesn’t mean the duct is actually any better.

So understand this:

We just live in a world where flashy or seemingly popular things sell over better things, and you need to remember that and not fall for the hype that everyone else is falling for.

As I mentioned previously comfort — and the features that contribute to comfort — is really the most important factor, because it alone will determine if and how long you use the device for.

And as it stands the PhalloSan is maybe the most comfortable and definitely is the most feature penis extender I have seen. It is a kooky hybrid that works decently.

To review:

  • A belt system for ducing tension that can be worn across your waist, thigh, or swung over shoulder
  • Extender system for ducing tension that are on par if not better than all the popular extenders you see out there
  • A glans chamber that is superior to straps/nooses

You want to buy those extenders simply because every else seems to be, or their website is prettier, or because they have more ads or “voice” across the internet.

You need to de-attach yourself from the marketing hype surrounding other extenders and look at the big picture here. I can tell you, for example, that if you are interested in the SG you are likely a victim of their marketing over the actual functionality of their extenders.

Will all of these features it combines the best aspects of all the top extenders out there and should have something for everyone. Personally, after I learned this there was no question in my mind on which extender I should get.

Hope this penis extender review was informative!